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hyundai ioniq hybrid vs prius

New Hyundai Ioniq vs Toyota Prius What Car?

The Hyundai ioniq hybrid vs prius includes a modern lithium-ion battery functioning In concert using a 77kW/147Nm gasoline engine along with

32kW/170Nm electric engine.

Hyundai asserts the Ioniq Employs a joint 3.2L/100km of Both came back 4.3L/100km market.

On the Street

The duo feels silent and elegant on the street with all the Prius Perchance a bit quieter at rate. Toyota’s more powerful electric engine provides Prius longer pep at a low frequency, though its CVT automatic transmission may dull its responses onto your way. Even the Prius feels much like an electric car concerning the Hyundai, directly down to its odd-ball gear selector and pushbutton EV setting which produces the vehicle operate on battery alone. Hyundai’s machine is much more car-like, from the traditional gear selector into a long-sleeved dual-clutch automated transmission which presents that the Ioniq feels much like an-30 or even Sonata compared to a scientific endeavor. Riding broader and lower than its equal, the Ioniq can be a bit better to operate a vehicle concerning the Prius, though prioritize comfort over poise.

Toyota’s machine includes a more comfortable ride compared to Ioniq, Reassuring a lazy, carefree driving manner that will help reduce sugar intake. We’re impressed with the Prius’ busy cruise control platform, that will be effective at bringing the vehicle to a complete stop. Hyundai owners that count upon driver assistance may wind up frustrated employing a method that slows the automobile before closed off, requiring drivers to shoot more and hit the brakes at the moment — maybe not a relaxing means to conduct throughout the afternoon commute.


Even the Ioniq Hybrid is a remarkable first effort at a complicated car. Having its simple cottage, hot styling, capable power rail, and ample features list, the Ioniq creates a strong initial impression.

Spectacular to Check out both indoors and outside, the Prius is an Established machine impressed its place while the streamlined hybrid. Without knowing how far the Ioniq will cost in Australia — or its last specifications –, it’s hard to announce successfully.

In Any Event, you proceed, both the Prius and Ioniq both signify High-tech automobiles blending green credentials with advanced necessary safety gear and also a Feel useful variable everyday cars cannot fit.