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Hyundai Ioniq vs Toyota Prius

The new Hyundai Ionic Hybrid was developed to offer one to an appropriate, durable driveway with fewer stops to find gasoline. It accomplishes this with a 1.6L GDI Atkinson-cycle 4-cylinder hybrid which gets around 139 horsepower.

The hybrid vehicle also will come with a 32-kW high-speed density engine in addition to a 240V lithium-ion polymer battery. Dealing with this specific to enhance output and efficiency Is Just a valve railroad that includes Dual-Continuous Variable Valve Timing (D-CVVT), and also a 6-speed EcoShift® Dual Clutch.

Transmission with sport-mode.

Once the green hybrid, D-CVVT, also transmission get together, it provides the Hyundai Ionic the capability to access as far as being an EPA-estimated 5 7 MPG city and 59 MPG street.

It’s a 1.8L 4-cylinder engine which gets around only 9 5 horsepower.

There’s ample space from the back seat to sit down across overly with 52.9 inches of rear living room and 55 inches of rear room. These chairs come standard with 60/40 split up fold-down rear seat back again to conveniently access into the broad back, which comprises 26.5 cubic feet of space to storage.

The inside of the 2018 hyundai ioniq vs prius also chairs five, however, is a little more cramped in the back seat. It only comprises 33.4 inches of rear leg space, 51.9 inches of vital back place, and 5-3 inches of the back shoulder area. You can’t carry up to cargo with only 24.6 cubic feet of space from the back.

2018 Hyundai Ionic Hybrid vs. Toyota Prius Infotainment System

Along with foreign fuel market, most the Hyundai Ionic trims make your drives easier with a user-friendly infotainment technique. A 7-inch display audio system with high profile camera sits at the precise middle of someone’s dash to provide you hands everything from navigation.

You are going to be able to appreciate Sirius-XM ® Satellite-radio or sync your cell phone to find amusement through Apple CarPlay™ along with Android Automobile ™. Besides, you can safely stay in touch during your driveway with Bluetooth ® hands-free mobile system with voice recognition.